Follow my travels

Since I will be out of the salon for a few months, I wanted to stay connected. Follow our journey through select images of my favourite places.

Early October, I indecisively packed a backpack considering climates between the breezy fall in Europe, cooler weather trekking in Nepal and Southeast Asia heat.  Inevitably, I packed too much. First stop was London; with my stomach tied in knots, I had been long anticipating the face awaiting my arrival.  I had spent the previous four months missing my favourite guy, the one who fills my stomach with butterflies, the one who has been travelling Europe since June, whom I had missed every day.  Now finally reconnecting, across the world, we are about to commence on an adventure we will never forget. 



Capri, Italy


Rome, Italy  


Santorini, Greece  


Athens, Greece  


Bucharest, Romania  


New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

This past September, I had the pleasure of joining the backstage team with Bumble and Bumble styling hair for NYFW.  It has always been a dream to work alongside brilliant artists within my craft.  The Bumble and Bumble stylists set themselves apart in their own unique way.  They show up confident, dressed so effortlessly `New York', while remaining humble and eager to get their hands in hair.  This is just an example of what makes this brand portray such a raw coolness without all the unnessesary glitter.  We show up to various locations around New York before the chaotic hustle and bustle begins backstage. Pre show, all stylists circle around the lead stylist to demonstrate the look we were about to construct.  I worked with the amazing Laurent Phillipon and Jimmy Paul, who have both become legends within the editorial fashion industry across the globe.  Their names are spread widely across many Vouge issues, and world renowned Fashion weeks. 

Day one was Gypsy Sport.  This brand is extremely unique within every aspect. They casted interesting people whom they had found wandering the streets of Brooklyn, or taking the subway to Harlem.  Many of the models had beautiful ethnic texture, which worked perfectly with the braids and afro moulding we were about to create.  I over heard one of the coordinators say to the models to walk like themselves, because this was not your typical fashion show.  This act complimented the designers work, with the pops of bright orange and green, with loud logos and print.  


Day two was Thom Browne.  He started his brand focusing on menswear and since introduced a women's collection in 2003.  There was a larger female to male ratio for this show, focusing on the womenswear. Jimmy Paul designed the hair to be full with high volume and bounce when the models walked.    We used a classic curling iron set and strong backcombing to support this look. 


Day three was Mansur Gavriel.  Her accessory line displays a simplistic clean design with beautiful structured handbags.  Laurent demonstrated this look in reflection of the french collection. We attached long smooth extensions on each model to ensure similar length and density. The look resembled a curtain of hair with a clean middle part and sleek shine.